Post Packout Station

The Post AutoFill system will automatically fill your lined drums, bins or bulk bags to a preset weight. Fill directly from a tumble blender or any style of vessel.

Applications & Specifications

For filling your lined drums, bins or bulk bags to a preset weight.


  • Total compliance with GMP standards
  • Can be equipped with ramps, gates, and bin lift
  • Versatile customization options
  • Sanitary stainless steel
  • Emergency stop button
  • Weight discharge control

The fully automatic filling system runs a fast, coarse dosing cycle until close to the set point, and then switches to fine dosing to achieve an accurate discharge weight.

The filler can be pneumatically clamped in place under the vessel. The mechanical isolator isolates the pressure from the clamp so it does not throw off the scale.

The container liner is tightly held in place to eliminate dusting.

The fill weight is entered on a touch screen operator interface and the start button is pressed to start filling.

The sanitary all Stainless Steel exterior is wash-down and suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry.


The Post Packout Station can be used with any material discharge application. This stainless steel sanitary weight filler automatically fills containers to the preset weight. The fill weight is entered on the touch screen, the valve opens, fills the container, and stops at the setpoint. It can be designed to be mobile or stationary. Various accessories can be chosen for the packout station which include control arm, bin lift and inflatable seal.


Post Material Handling Post packout stations may be bought back for repurposing when its original design function is no longer applicable. Repurposing was one of the major design criteria when the Post Packouts were originally conceived.
Repurposing reduces waste, adds reselling value and is the responsible means to recycle equipment.

Virtual Reality Demo

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We will build your layout in 3D and make it available to you using a standard web browser. The same VR environment can be viewed in browser on your desktop or laptop computer, a head mounted display and cell phone.
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Here’s What Our Client’s Are Saying

John Ciasulli

Frewitt USA, Inc. VP of Sales - USA & Canada

“We have teamed up with Post for over 9 years on several successful projects. Pat and his team are very knowledgeable and are able to supply solutions that integrate perfect with our machines.

Not only are their material handling solutions very well manufactured, I am especially grateful for the attention to detail and automation expertise at Post. They are problem solvers and a terrific resource for all material handling projects.”