Safety Laser Scanners

Post Material Handling can integrate safety laser scanners into our products or, as service, into other equipment that requires a safety enhancement.

Our laser scanner systems detect when an operator approaches hazardous equipment and will shut the machine down if they come too close. Our fully integrated safety systems have many advanced features.

When an operator approaches the hazard, an alarm will sound to alert the operator that they should step away. This is the first line of protection. The operator would need to choose to ignore the alarm to proceed and stop the operating equipment. In this case, a photograph of the operator will be taken to allow them to be educated by management regarding proper safety procedures.

Our control system eliminates “nuisance” trips by only signaling the alarm while the equipment is in operation. Several laser scanners can be daisy chained together to form one large safety net.


The Post Material Handling safety laser scanner system integrates into any control system to provide cost effective and unobtrusive safety and warning for personal safety. Post can integrate the laser scanning safety system into your control system. The  integration service eliminates nuisance tripping of the system and provides safety rated controls


Post Material Handling Post Lifts may be bought back for repurposing when its original design function is no longer applicable. Repurposing was one of the major design criteria when the Post Lifts were originally conceived.
Repurposing reduces waste, adds reselling value and is the responsible means to recycle equipment.

Virtual Reality Demo

Post Virtual Reality develops proposals and building layouts using state of the art Virtual Reality visualizations.
We will build your layout in 3D and make it available to you using a standard web browser. The same VR environment can be viewed in browser on your desktop or laptop computer, a head mounted display and cell phone.
Post Virtual Reality converts CAD data into 3D presentations. If you do not have 3D CAD data, we will model your equipment and layouts for you.

Here’s What Our Client’s Are Saying

John Ciasulli

Frewitt USA, Inc. VP of Sales - USA & Canada

“We have teamed up with Post for over 9 years on several successful projects. Pat and his team are very knowledgeable and are able to supply solutions that integrate perfect with our machines.

Not only are their material handling solutions very well manufactured, I am especially grateful for the attention to detail and automation expertise at Post. They are problem solvers and a terrific resource for all material handling projects.”