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We know that maintaining a safe and sterile manufacturing environment is as important to you as it is to us. That’s why at Post, we’re experts in the creation of stainless steel pharmaceutical grade material handling equipment that will withstand corrosion, rust, and harsh environments. From bin lifts to industrial control systems, our products are the epitome of excellence, so yours will be too.

Post designs, builds and programs fully integrated turnkey suites ready for production.

Post Lift for charging your process equipment from drums.

Our stainless steel drum conditioners are carefully designed to achieve homogeneous consistency for all that you mix, blend, and combine, guaranteeing you serve your customers a top-notch final product.

These cutting-edge lifts ensure effortless lifting, positioning, and dumping of bulk materials from bins.

Engineered for easy transport and quick setup, our portable lifts offer robust on-the-go solutions and user-friendly controls.

Post Packout Stations will enhance efficiency and streamline your workflow by simplifying your discharging and increasing the speed and accuracy of your filling process.

Elevate your operations to new heights with our versatile post platform lifts. Their seamless vertical transportation of materials and equipment offers reliability and stability exactly where you need it. From loading docks to production floors, our post platform lifts will enhance efficiency and streamline your workflow.

Designed for easy lifting and transport of trays, our innovative tray lifts stand up to the rigors of manufacturing the products that make every day a good day.

Post drum to drum screeners offer the quickest possible way to screen material.

Simplify drum handling and pouring with our stainless steel drum tippers. Engineered for safe and controlled tipping, they’ll optimize workflow efficiency while minimizing manual effort.

Post Material Handling integrates safety laser scanners for an extra measure of safety.

Post lifts can serve many functions. Quickly convert your lift from a drum lift to a bin lift to a platform lift.

We connect any equipment with custom designed transfer systems to simplify and speed up your process.

Post will design, manufacture, program and install your industrial control systems.

Achieve seamless and precise container filling with our advanced systems. Designed for accuracy and efficiency, they provide consistent, controlled filling and streamlined operations tailored to meet your specific needs.

Post's bin discharge stations revolutionize material handling by effortlessly aligning IBCS with connecting chutes, ensuring a dust-tight connection and streamlined transfer of materials to downstream equipment.

Tumble blender options and enhancements for Gemco equipment

Why Choose Post Material Handling?

Over nearly two decades, Post has established itself as the nexus of production, where groundbreaking ideas and exceptional engineering converge to shape the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Hands-Off Systems

Whether you go with one of our standard machines or a custom build, Post offers hands-off systems that reduce human intervention and minimize errors while increasing throughput. That means you can expect consistent and precise operations from your finished system to achieve higher productivity levels, improved workflow, and smooth integration on the production line.

Seamless Collaboration

At Post, we thrive on teamwork and problem-solving, and start each project working closely with our clients to understand their manufacturing challenges and concerns. From there, our engineers and fabricators brainstorm custom solutions. With unparalleled expertise and a meticulous attention to detail, our collaborative approach ensures that we become trusted partners, working hand in hand with clients to surpass expectations.

Experts in cGMP

As a leader in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade material handling equipment, we’re fastidious about our commitment to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices), both in our own manufacturing processes and in yours. You can rely on our expertise to navigate the complex landscape of cGMP while we simultaneously make sure to protect the integrity of your facility so you can deliver products of exceptional quality and safety.

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Post is dedicated to addressing industrial challenges with superior solutions. We create and work alongside our industry partners in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and chemicals to make sure that they have the right products for every process.


Our systems are built to eradicate risk and streamline processes so that our pharmaceutical clients can blend, press, contain, and innovate for a healthier tomorrow.


Our nutraceutical partners trust us to design flawless stainless steel systems to meet both their manufacturing demands and their production vision.


Eliminating the hazards of chemical manufacturing is our number one priority when working with chemical industry clients. That’s why we’re leaders in designing hands-off systems that ensure a secure and stable production environment.

Here’s What Our Client’s Are Saying

John Ciasulli

Frewitt USA, Inc. VP of Sales - USA & Canada

“We have teamed up with Post for over 9 years on several successful projects. Pat and his team are very knowledgeable and are able to supply solutions that integrate perfect with our machines.

Not only are their material handling solutions very well manufactured, I am especially grateful for the attention to detail and automation expertise at Post. They are problem solvers and a terrific resource for all material handling projects.”

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